HAUL5 Subaru Impreza This little green Subaru is back on the streets, now supporting a DG engine, ECU and tune combination. Although being kept in form as a street car it has been known to get out and run the 1/4 and consistently lay down some impressive numbers. Previously PB 9.96 @149MPH. So [...]


TOA571 Subaru Forester A very slick Subaru Forester that has undergone an extensive range of upgrades with us, from a complete DG long engine assembly, turbo and exhaust system, fuel system, ECU package along with a full custom in-house flex fuel tune. MAKE + MODEL    06 Subaru XT Forrester [...]


Pinky Subaru WRX This WRX is known around Brisbane for it’s incredible pink glitter paint job, as well as it’s runs down a quarter mile. This gorgeous car has been used in a range of official promo gigs for key car events, including Honeywell Garret Jamboree. MAKE + MODEL    [...]

Red Rocket

Red Rocket A car we originally bought to build into a 400hp circuit toy, quickly changed direction to street/strip. A 10.3 @141.5mph with considerable wheel spin in 1st on 2nd was all we pushed the old set up to before selling the majority of it off to make way for a [...]

Drag Brumby

World’s Quickest 4 Cylinder EJ Hands down, the quickest EJ 4cylinder Subaru in the world 7.81 @ 169.5mph, a car that has gone from strength to strength in 2019 with a host of personal bests with MPH and 1/4mile times over all sectors. A true testament to the team, sponsor support and [...]


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